Monday, March 24, 2008

My Carboy Overload/Bottling Crisis and Planning for the BrewBQ

So I apologize for not blogging for awhile, but don't worry I haven't stopped brewing.

Last Friday at the "brew house" we had 5 secondary carboys that were ready for bottling all at the same time. 2 American style pale ales (a Sierra Nevada Clone & a Tongue Splitter recipe) a Dry Irish stout and an Irish Wee Heavy were also added to our bottling extravaganza. And last but certainly not least we bottled our small batch Belgian Golden Strong. Probably going to have to be aged for awhile, but looks like it will turn out to be quite the beer.

There are only two beers currently in primary, my favorite being a semi-clone of Dogfish head's Indian Brown. Its a really smooth, yet hoppy brown ale, probably one of the only commercial browns I really like. We ended up adding another ounce of hops to this already hoppy brew(typical). Between caramelizing brown sugar and adding loads of hops, the boil smelled fantastic and was probably the most fun beer we've brewed so far. This beer has been named "Jackie Brown" to honor Pam Grier, this may even inspire a series.. who knows.. If you want the recipe, shoot me an comment/email.

Speaking of special recipes, I'm working on my BrewBQ beer. The inner competitor in me wants to make something special. I'm leaning towards summer seasonal.. but nothing has really impressed me yet. Any suggestions? Id love to hear them.


Jonathan Carrigan said...

Please post the recipe. After reading the blog post I naturally wanted to look at the recipe. Sounds like a great beer. I think I'd have to try both the original and yours... just to compare and satisfy my own curiosity :-)