Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beer For The Bosses?

So this week is the big industry show and all my bosses and Veeps will be in town. My Imperial Stout is aging nicely and its in great gift sized 220z bottles. Of course the obvious dilemma I face is whether to share this beer with those who will decide in the next few weeks how much I will make in 08. Now its not like I just want to drink all this beer by myself. I want to share it but is the gift of Homemade Brew sending the right message? Does it say, "I'm innovative and varied in m tastes. I can be an asset because of my many skills and talents" or "I am a drunk, so much so I make my own booze. In fact I'm drunk right now."? Thoughts comments?


Jeff Louella said...

I've given out several beers to my boss's at work. They all thought it was great and it sparked an interest in some to start brewing themselves.

I would give out the stout, but with some disclaimers. First, don't drink it for 2 months. This will allow the high alcohol to smooth out. Second, This is only my second batch. This sets their expectation low. So when they taste it and it is good, they tend to think it is great.