Monday, December 31, 2007

Super Bowl Special

Last time I posted I had brewed a Wheat Beer which came out really nice. It was my first brew and I was surprised how simple it was. It was only one can and it was pre hopped so there was little I could do wrong. This time I brewed a Russian Imperial Stout. I used a recipe I found in a book but adapted it with ingredients at Keystone Home Brew in Montgomeryville.
This recipe called for 2 kinds of barley, 3 different malt extracts, gypsum, and tons of hops. I boiled it with Magnum Hops, which had a strong aroma and finished it with Cascade Hops during the last minute. The wort was basically black and with all the sugar content, the ABV should be about 9. Since 2 extract kits came with yeast I threw them both in dry. This was so sugary it was already fermenting 4 hrs after I added it.
On my wheat beer I used 12 oz bottles and yielded about 40 bottles. This time to speed up the process I used 22 ox bottles. I would recommend this for 2 reasons: 1) it was much quicker and easier to fill and cap 24 bottles than 40. 2) I plan to age a few of the bottles and it is easier to store the larger bottles. The obvious 3rd benefit is the "Oh well I opened it so now I have to finish all 22 oz. "
I bottled on 12/28 and plan to try it on Super Bowl Sunday, which would give it over a month to age. This Stout is ready to drink after 2 weeks but is supposed to age nicely for months. I had a healthy taste when I bottled it and it was really good flat at room temp, so I can't wait until it carbonates. Since the Eagles are out I can at least look forward to my beer on Super Bowl Sunday.