Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Basement Update: The Slow-mo Hoppy Honey Wheat

Its been a dramatic week to say the least.

Being this was the first recipe I designed on my own, I had a lot riding on this one. The wort was boiled on Sunday night and I didn't see any movement in the air lock until after work Wednesday night. Three full days it sat before fermenting! Its a very scary thought to think you might have to add more yeast or heaven forbid scrap the beer. But sure enough, after I purchase additional yeast(for no reason), it started to ferment.

Well, tonight will make 9 days in the primary fermenter. After checking last night the beer still has a heavy foam layer on top. Its almost a week longer than I thought, I wonder how this will effect the secondary and future fermenting? I was thinking that possibly my basement was having trouble staying warm at night, but the thermometer is always at 68°. I've read articles saying honey is a slower fermenter, but this is torturous.

My goal is to get this baby into secondary by the end of the week. No later than Monday, or else I'll start getting worried again.

I'll keep ya posted.