Thursday, December 27, 2007

Beer running through my veins..

Its getting a little brew crazy in my little northeast philly basement. Here goes..

From the Slow-mo Honey Wheat - With Love
The last time I blogged about my on-again off-again relationship with my honey wheat, it reached a climax, where I was finally able to transfer it to a secondary carboy. Its been pretty uneventful since, we're working on about day 10 in secondary and will probably be bottled as soon as I get some time. I was contemplating adding a touch of honey to the bottling bucket, but not sure if it will lead to exploding bottles... Hey Jeff and/or anyone else who might read this junk, what do you think?

The One-Armed Chinook IPA
This one has been fun from the start. Though I did brew this one with a dislocated shoulder and couldn't master the boil without a couple overflows, but beside the early issues this beer has been great. Moved it to secondary and did my first ever dry hopping just over a week ago. Probably going to let it sit for another week before I start to bottle. I cant help putting my nose up the airlock every couple of days. That floral hoppy aroma is heavenly, cant wait to drink this biotch!

Un-named Saison
This is my first time blogging about my Belgian style Saison. This is another recipe I purchased from Surprisingly its the most hoppy beer I've made so far. Using a total of 4 oz in the boil, 2oz of Yakima Magnum and 2oz of Striezelspalt (sp?). I also used a newer and larger kettle, it's much easier to brew when you don't have stand over the boil every minute. The fermentation started quick and as of this morning (6 1/2 days) primary its just about done. Probably going to have keep this one in secondary for awhile, but I have a feeling this might be a classic!

Robust Vanilla Porter
My next beer has been chosen and I purchased all the ingredients from Barry's Homebrew, using the kick ass self serve grain section! Found this recipie from that semi-famous Jamil guy from California, but tweaked it slightly. I plan on brewing probably tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Cheers and Happy Holidays,


Jeff Louella said...

As per John Palmer's book "How To Brew", he states: "Honey is difficult to prime with because there is no standard for concentration. The gravity of honey is different jar to jar. To use honey, you will need to dilute it and measure its gravity with a hydrometer. For all sugars in general, you want to add 2-3 gravity points per gallon of beer to prime."