Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hop Trellis Design V.2

This is the final design of my hop trellis. I ended up using my chimney instead of placing a permanent pole into the ground. I figured the Chimney was sturdier. I also can remove the trellis during the winter months. Since the sunniest spot in my yard is very visible to the neighborhood, this was a request from the wife.
So the hops are planted, the trellis is set up, and the weather is good. Everything is ready for a great first year of hop growing.


Jason said... did you attach the trellis to the chimney?

Jeff Louella said...

I cut the wood to match the exact dimensions of the exposed top of the chimney (the clay part). The wood rests on the concrete part of the chimney and is locked in by the square clay top to prevent sliding off and the twine holds it down so it can not be blown off. By not physically attaching it to the chimney, I can remove it during the winter months and use my chimney as normal.