Monday, April 14, 2008

The SIPA (Spring IPA)

The SIPA is my first big time IPA. It contains over a ½ pound of hops for 5 gallons and came in at about 6.5% ABV. I was worried during bottling because it had a slight sulfur smell and I thought it was ruined. It smelt great in the carboy, but as I was bottling I smelled the off-aroma. I decided to cross my fingers and let it bottle condition out. I was extremely happy with the result. The SIPA has a wonderful aroma of big citrusy hops and a dry smooth bitterness. It’s only been bottled conditioning for a little over a week and I can’t wait to taste it a month down the road. The alcohol needs a little time to smooth and the bitterness and malt need to get some time to mingle in the bottle. The recipe is below.


Simpsons Caramalt              8 oz  In Mash/Steeped
Dingemans Caramel Pils 8 oz In Mash/Steeped
Pilsen Light Liquid Extract 6lb 15min
Belgian Candi Sugar Amber 1lb 15min


Columbus   11.0%     1.00 oz   60 Min
Simcoe 13.2% 1.00 oz 30 Min
Glacier 5.0% 1.00 oz 15 Min
Cascade 4.5% 1.00 oz 10 Min
Cascade 4.5% 1.00 oz 1 Min
Mount Hood 4.5% 1.00 oz 1 Min
Chinook 13.5% 1.00 oz Dry-Hopped
Amarillo 10.0% 1.00 oz Dry-Hopped
Columbus 12.6% 1.00 oz Dry-Hopped


Wyeast 1332-Northwest Ale
Fermented at 67 degrees


The Spring IPA took second place a recent competition. I renamed it for the event. The judges stated that it needs a little more malt and suggested adding some crystal malt. This would add a better mouth feel and should round it out a little more. It did great in aroma and appearance. So I think with a little more mouth feel and malt, this is a first place IPA.


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