Friday, November 30, 2007

Hardest Step in Brewing..

What the hell do I brew next?
Now that my German Style Alt is in the secondary fermenter, I started researching which styles I'm going to attack next.

The home brews stores around me are either too expensive or don't carry quality products. So I started doing searches online and was pretty impressed with They have a very large selection of cheap pre-made ingredient kits, as well as an extensive catalog of extracts and any other flavor you can possibly put in your beer. (sorry Jeff not that flavor) Im pretty sure I'm going with the Chinook IPA next, but after that its any body guess... Any suggestions?

Probably going to start following my own recipes soon. So if you want to impress me with a your favorite, please indulge.



Jeff Louella said...

Try using a software program to document your brew recipe's. Use one that uses the BeerXML format. This is an open standard XML File that beer software can use. This helps people share recipe's online. Check out They have a list of some of the software someone can use. I just downloaded BeerAlchemy for the Macintosh.