Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This is my first batch of beer. I choose a simple kit to get familiar with the process. Just a simple wheat beer. I'm not too mechanically inclined so when I first opened my kit I was pretty overwhelmed by all the fancy equipment, Hydrometers, bags of grains, buckets. I've used buckets while drinking but never this early in the process...

So I mixed the wort, sanitized, boiled, poured... and just 30 hours later...bubbles. My beer is actually fermenting. I feel like a proud father. I was pretty sure my beer would be screwed up, that I somehow contaminated it but it seems to be OK... so far. Will be bottling next week and drinking shortly after.

If all goes right I will have my own beer for the holidays and what could be better when surrounded by family, then a secret stash of beer in the basement.